LED Creative are lighting professionals specialising in the creation of LED systems that cater directly to the needs of the entertainment , media production, retail interior design and architectural markets.

Headed up by Ges Smith and Adam Howard, both of whom have gained extensive experience working within the worlds leading lighting rental houses, LED Creative has over two decades working at the cutting edge of creative lighting technology.

By working closely with Set Designers, Lighting Directors, Architects, Directors of Photography and Gaffers, LED Creative have created a versatile, adaptable product range that features in-house designed control modules, bespoke LED fixtures and weatherproof solutions.

We pride ourselves on providing the very highest levels of support at all times and are able to offer friendly, professional assistance and advice on all aspects of a production or installation.

Innovation, investment and a uniquely creative approach allow us to consistently deliver practical, effective LED solutions – whatever the project.


LED Creative have unparalleled understanding on all aspects of the installation and application of quality LED illumination solutions.

Our team of professionals offer first hand assistance on the fitting, operation and maintenance, and will help provide guidance through every stage of a project to ensure the effective, efficient and safe installation of all LED Creative products.

product development

The LED Creative Engineering Team is highly skilled in the art of LED.

Our extensive experience working with the latest LED technologies allows us to both lead and assist in the creation of bespoke solutions for use in entertainment, interior design and retail industries.

If you have a specific product requirement, require a bespoke solution or if you would like to simply discuss the best way to create an effect or achieve a particular look, our team will be happy to assist.


LED Creative have a range of LED Products and Systems available for hire.

We also regularly create bespoke products and build custom designed systems to fit a huge variety of installation types.

LED Creative have a range of stock LED Systems and products available for sale as consumable items. We also stock a variety of LED system components and replacement parts for sale.

Full details and up to date price information available upon request.

If you have a particular requirement that you would like to discuss or if you would further details on any aspect of our product range, please get in touch.
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